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7 Best Ways to Network on LinkedIn

It is the worlds largest professional business directory and you not being on it is tantamount to professional suicide, you know your almost anonymous, its like building your business in the desert and expecting people to come to you, it’s not going to happen, so it gives you some great profile and some great wheat, so lets talk through some quick and dirty tips to help you really maximise LinkedIn.

Hi, I’m Rob Brown and I run the global networking council and the Networking Coaching Academy, and that gives me the opportunity to speak to the top people in the world on stuff like LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter, you know the people that are really networking online in a meaningful way and I share all that great stuff with people like you.


"Let’s talk about the 7 best ways to network on LinkedIn..."


Number one is “Be Strategic” know what you want

Is it about more business? A higher profile? Do you want to meet specific people? Know why your on there and that will focus your activity.


You’ve got to build a “sticky profile”

When people land on your profile you want them to stay there, so use some of the applications, my best tip is to look at some other competitors and rivals of yours and find out what their doing on their profile that looks good and then do something similar, but you got to make people stick around.


Join some groups

You can join up to 50 groups and this gives you access to people in your geographical location, people in your target market, people in your piers to give you some profile there, loads of great different groups, and every time you connect to someone in a group you get access to all of the people in their network.


Tip four is to “Link to Social Media”

You can put a blog on LinkedIn, you could link them together, stuff you put up on Twitter can appear on LinkedIn, stuff you do on Facebook can appear on LinkedIn, make it all joined up, and that’s a very integrated approach to networking online.


Another good tip is to become a LION

This stands for LinkedIn Open Networker and if you see people with more than a few thousand connections they’re probably a Lion, it just means they accept any connection requests that come their way. I have a network of over ten thousand people and I accept most requests that come my way, so you got to be quite open about that if that is what you want to do.


Next is to use the searches

LinkedIn is very sophisticated with it’s searches, you can search for job titles, income, you can search for geographical location and company, you can search for people within the twenty mile radius of your house, on LinkedIn it’s incredible the way we use it but you got to do it right.

And the last thing....


Ask for what you want

Don’t be scared to ask people to connect you on LinkedIn, use the introductions on there that’s precisely what it’s for, share what you are doing in business, offer things to people, you want to get people into your products and services, you can do that on LinkedIn, after all you are in this business to make money and not spend money. So I hope to see you on LinkedIn, perhaps do me a recommendation on there now you’ve seen what I do, and let me bring you into my network and maybe introduce you to a few people.

Happy networking.