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The 5 Top Traits of World Class Networkers

If you want to raise your game in networking – you’ve got to look at what the best networkers are doing and this is what I did to multiply my income by a factor of 15 in just 13 months.  I looked at what the top networkers were doing.

Hi I'm Rob Brown and I spend my life teaching people how to network more productively, more confidently and effectively. 


"I want to share with you today the 5 top traits of world class networkers"


So number one – be organised and strategic

The top networkers don’t do things by accident – they show up in the right place at the right time and have the right conversations with the right people and they plan this.


The second trait of top networkers is be memorable and different

They don’t sound the same as everyone else, sometimes they don’t even look the same as everyone else now  you don’t need to be radically different just a little bit different so that people will remember you – so what might that mean for you?


The third trait for the top networker is that they are helpful & sharing

What I mean by this is – that they think help before they think sell. They are interested in other peoples businesses, they want to know how they can help you, who they can introduce you to, what resources they can share with you, they are committed to the relationship.


The fourth trait is that they are curious and questioning

They don’t ask the questions that all the other networkers ask, they ask better questions to get to the heart of your business and find out what you are really about and where you really need help. And with that curious nature, they uncover lots of opportunities to help you, introduce people to you and even sell to you if that is appropriate.


The fifth is they are very committed and consistent

I would say all the top class networkers stand out because they are very committed and consistent. They are committed to the networking process they are consistent in their actions and we know that trust is made and built up by keeping your commitments so they follow through consistently, they keep in touch with people consistently and they are committed to help you build your business. If  you want to be world class with your networking, start following a few of the traits of the top networkers and I promise you – you will soon be at the top with those. Have a great day.