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The 5 Best Reasons to Network

I want to share with you right now the 5 best reasons to network – you know everyone’s networking but not everyone is doing it particularly well.

Hi I’m Rob Brown – head of the Global Networking Council and the Networking Coaching Academy – is about helping people be better networkers and relationship builders.


"You need a good reason why, a strong motivator so here are 5...."


Number one – referrals and new business

Sometimes its about the money, you want to be selling, you want to be finding new clients, winning new accounts, making new sales. Whether you are networking to people in the room or networking through those people to get to their network and get in referrals – really important reason to network.


The second thing is support and encouragement

It’s lonely in business – it’s tough at the top – you want to be getting around good people – people that you can bounce ideas off and they can inspire and motivate you and they can even give you a kick up the backside if you need it!


A third reason is ideas and resources

You may have a problem in your business – you may have a little bit of pain – you may need who do you know who can help me with this – what resource can I go to to solve that problem and networking is a fantastic way to source that kind of help.


The fourth reason I give you to network is partnerships & possibilities

I have to say that your richest resources will always be in your richest relationships. So whose out there that you can be doing business with – joint ventures, strategic alliances – get around some good people, you can partner with them and take your business to the next level. And finally I would say, don’t just go there to sell.


My final reason to network is to finding suppliers, advisers & providers

You pay them but they will come in and give you the benefit of their experience, their brilliance to help take your business to the next level. You know whatever key and locks networking for you – there are some great reasons to be out there networking – online and offline – to take your business to the next level so get yourself out there and get networking.