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4 Killer Strategies to Make More Time for Networking

A lot of people like networking – a lot of people feel that networking is important for the business, for the profile but they often complain that they don’t have any time for it. So here are 4 tips for strategies to help you make that time.

Hi I’m Rob Brown and I spend a lot of my time helping people like you more comfortable, confident, productive and effective with your business networking.


"Lets look at 4 killer strategies to make more time for networking..."


The first thing is  - don’t waste time on just any event

Get more focussed, get focussed on the events you want to go to and say no to the good so you can say yes to the great – it’s a wonderful quote by John Maxwell. Stop saying yes to everything and start saying yes to the stuff that counts  and be a lot more focussed.


The next thing is network more online.

I can spend an hour on something like linked in and connect with 20 people or I can go to a face to face networking event that will take 3 to 4 hours and I can have a meaningful conversation with 5 people – which makes more sense? I am not saying don’t do the face to face networking but just leave that for those events that you have to go to and network a lot more online.


Third tip is to use technology.

You can save so much time now by using the technology . Instead of meeting face to face what about Skype and Skype video, what about instant messaging and text messages and mobile phones – its there – you can be on the move and  instead of meeting and having that wasted time you can do things quickly and use the technology. Theres loads of good stuff out there that can save you a lot of time. 


The fourth and final tip is to be more direct

Why spend five hours building a relationship with somebody when you can spend four hours and then ask for the business – you’ve saved an hour – you get the idea.  You can ask for things a lot more quickly than you think and people expect you to ask for help, expect you to ask for the business – yes it’s a case of building credibility so you’ve got the platform to ask but you can ask a lot quicker than you do and often get the result that you want.

Make time for networking today and you will be hugely more productive as a professional networker.