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4 Great Ways to Get More Referrals From Networking

Let’s talk about what 4 great ways to get more referrals from Networking. Its okay networking and meeting someone that definitely needs something that you do at that particular time but it doesn’t always happen.

Hi I’m Rob Brown and I run the Global Networking Council and the Networking Coaching Academy which is where I get all the best ideas, tips and techniques for being a greater networker and I bring it to people like you in these videos.


"So here are 4 tips to get more referrals from your networking..."


Number one – get clarity on your proposition

You’ve got to be absolutely crystal clear on what you do, how you do it and why you are better that everyone else because if I am going to refer you I need you to be absolutely clear and sure so that I can be clear and sure to somebody else.


The second thing is network with better people

You are looking for referral partners, referral sources that can introduce you to streams of high quality referrals. And to do that these need to be people that serve your target market, that they are getting around your direct prospects. And the best thing is is that you can find people like that who don’t do what you do – they have a complementary product or service. That way they are dealing with your kind of people but they are in a great position to introduce you.


The third tip I’d give you is to motivate and educate

By that I mean you’ve got to inspire people to want to help you, you’ve got to do some stuff for them, you’ve got to make them so pleased with your product or service  that they want to shout to the world about it. You’ve got to provide some inspiration for them to want to refer you and also you have to equip them, educate them and tell them what to say, how to say it, who to say it to, so that they can effectively become your sales force.

And finally I would say...


Sow referral seeds

A lot of people are scared of asking for referrals because of that rejection – they don’t want to get that no. But referral seeds are clever – this is you saying to someone – hey we’ve got a good relationship – can I have a chat to you sometime about one or two people that you might know – who you can introduce me to. That’s a referral seed.

You might also say ‘if I were to ask you for a couple of people you could perhaps introduce me to – how would you feel about that?’ You see you are not actually asking for the referral but you are putting the foot on the ice of the relationship to see if its strong enough to withstand the referral question and if they yes that’s great we can have a chat about that – that gives you permission to explore – and if you get a yes there – you know you’ve got a green light to ask for referrals. If you can get referrals from your networking its going to make it a whole lot easier for you. Use these tips and you will be much better at it today.