EXPO 2017. Donington Park, Thursday 16th February 9am - 3pm

Rob Brown's 12 Networking Tips

As the regions largest FREE business event of its kind, you will have great opportunities to meet new people. If you are going to make the most of these opportunities you need to prepare well, have a plan and go to Love Business with a purpose.

Fail to have a plan for Love Business and you'll have a great day out but you are unlikely to make the day generate new business opportunities.

Successful networking is about developing relationships, but these aren't created in a single meeting. So you need to develop your networking strategy, 'tune up' your networking skills, then make a plan of action and stick to it!

Mistake No 1 is trying to sell to exhibitors!

These businesses have paid to be there, they won't take kindly to you taking up their valuable time if you aren't interested in their products. If they are your target, and you seriously want to build a relationship - then think of a reason they would want to speak with you after the event. Then when you get the chance to speak, make your pitch memorable, make it about a benefit to them and leave them wanting to meet up after.

The videos below are designed to give you the networking skills and make you think - Most importantly, help you get more from your networking!

If you want to make your day at Love Business pay, then invest a little time watching these videos. Think about your goals from attending Love Business. Create a strategy; develop different scripts so you are prepared for the different types of opportunities.

 Here are 12 tips exclusively on video for Love Business


"I filmed these 12 short videos for you to get the most from attending Love Business. Each video highlights and explains a crucial networking skill or discipline.

If you can take on these skills you will be more effective at networking, they are listed below.


Click on any of the links below to view Rob Brown's 'networking tips.'


. 1 . The 5 Best Reasons to Network

Helping people be better networkers and relationship builders. In this video I share with you the 5 best reasons to network.

. 2 . The 5 Top Traits of World Class Networkers

If you want to raise your game in networking – you’ve got to look at what the best networkers are doing and this is what I did to multiply my income by a factor of 15 in just 13 months. In this video I share the 5 top traits of world class networkers.

. 3 . The 5 Secrets to the Top Networking Connectors

If you want to make more money from your networking and become the number one choice for what you do. You need to understand these critical 5 secrets used by the top networkers.

. 4 . The 4 Worst Networking Mistakes You Can Make

If you can eradicate these problems, these mistakes, you are really going to take your networking to the next level.

. 5 . 4 Top Tactics for Networkers to Stay in Touch

It’s no good meeting somebody once and expecting great things to happen, you are not going to sell to someone after only one interaction and they are certainly not going to refer you after meeting you once, so, you have to find ways to stay in touch, develop the relationship and stay connected.  Here are four great ways to do that. 

. 6 . 4 Top Tips for a Great Networking Elevator Pitch

What do you say when asked – what do you do? This is your one opportunity to stand out and you only have a few seconds to really get over to an ideal prospect or client what it is that you do. And most importantly get them asking questions.

. 7 . 4 Great Ways to Get More Referrals From Networking

4 great ways to get more referrals from networking. Because its okay networking and meeting someone that definitely needs what you do, but it doesn’t always happen. What’s more likely to happen is that you will meet somebody that introduces you to someone that needs what you do so here are 4 tips to get more referrals from your networking.

. 8 . 4 Killer Strategies to Make More Time for Networking

A lot of people like networking – a lot of people feel that networking is important for the business, for the profile but they often complain that they don’t have any time for it. So here are 4 tips for strategies to help you make that time.

. 9 . 4 Top Tips for Successful Social Media Networking

Its okay going to face to face events, there is a place for them but the networking landscape has changed over recent years with twitter, facebook, linkedin and lots of other social networks. Lets explore how we can make the most from these.

. 10 . 7 Top Networking Tips for Working a Room

It can be intimidating walking into a room full of strangers, so heres some top tips to work that room more confidently and number one is to set your goal.

. 11 . 7 Killer Networking Follow Up Tips

Its not just about attending the events and shaking hands – its about what happens after that. If you don’t follow up with people you might as well not go networking because they are going to forget you very quickly. So lets look at some tips that will help you raise your game.

. 12 . The 7 Best Ways to Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional business directory and you not being on it is tantamount to professional suicide. You know your almost anonymous, its like building your business in the desert and expecting people to come to you, it’s not going to happen, so it gives you some great profile and some great wheat, so lets talk through some quick and dirty tips to help you really maximise LinkedIn.