EXPO 2017. Donington Park, Thursday 16th February 9am - 3pm

Networking Guru - Rob Brown

If you have competitors, which pretty much everyone does,
Rob Brown’s message is clear. All business is personal!

Even the biggest deals, orders, projects, funds, sales and contracts come down to two or more people making a connection. If your ‘profit’ is more influence, respect, clients, support, challenge, reputation or excitement, you must go through other people to get it. Rob’s dynamic, motivational presentations and energetic style will both inspire and equip you to do exactly that!

Rob Brown’s journey, a lesson for us all...

In 2000, Rob was offered a position as a self-employed health care adviser with BUPA. Direct sales, commission only! Great company, but Rob wasn’t cut out to be in a direct sales role – too nice!

To grow his business, Rob went networking. During a period of two years, he collected 987 business cards, went to 126 events, spent 200 hours shaking hands and £4385 on breakfasts, lunches, dinners and memberships. He won NO business!

All he was earning was commission on a few company leads. Rob reached a critical point of ‘financial urgency’ where he knew something had to change. He resolved to become an expert at networking. It prompted him to learn everything he could on marketing and business relationships.

In just 13 months, he multiplied his income by a factor of 15!

People soon began asking Rob how he had achieved such a transformation. So in 2004, he founded his own training company specialising in showing people how to network productively and win lots more referrals. Rob now delivers motivational talks internationally. He has written over 40 publications on business relationships and reputations, including the bestselling ‘How to Build Your Reputation’. He also writes for a range of business magazines and membership websites.