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Rob Brown - The 5 Secrets of the Top Networking Connectors

"Rob is inspirational and makes you think
about the simple things effectively."

Hi I’m Rob Brown and I spend my time helping people make more money from their networking and become the number one choice for what they do. Lets talk about the top 5 secrets of the top networking connectors.

These are the hubs – these are the people that stuff goes through, these are the ones that introduce you to loads of great people – how do they do that? Well the first thing is they move in multiple channels – they are online they are off line – they’re attending events, they’re working the online networks, they’re on the phone, they are finding great reasons to connect with people.

The second thing is they uncover the pain, they are good at asking you about what’s going on in your life because that’s how they make the connections with the people who can help you. They are good at uncovering, what I call the Four P’s – pain, problems, plans and projects. When they find out about that they know how to connect you to the right people that can help. 

The third trait, the secret is that they are great at keeping in touch, they find touch points, it could be with email, it could with phone, text messaging. It could be dropping in and saying hello one to ones but they are great at staying connected so that they are front of mind and you know that they are there.

The fourth thing is they are always looking to expand their network. They know that a strong, diverse network gives them a much better playing field of people to introduce you to and introduce you to them. That’s the way it works so always be looking to expand your network.

And the fifth thing I find about great connectors is that they tell great stories, they are interesting people, they are fun to be around. If you can raise your game in that area, give some great examples, tell some great stories, you too, can be a great connector.